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Shalat is basic pilar of Islam Shalat
It is mentioned again in the Quran
The Important of prayer is in seven hundred places
But in the Mosque, do you see many young faces ?

Praying in the mosque gives 27 times the reward
Pray with the intention that you're pleasing your Lord
When you walk to the Mosque, just remember within
You gain a reward and you're loosing a sin

For every step towards you're destination
This is a bleasing from Allah SWT to his creation
The Quran has foretold, that before you are dead
say your prayers before your prayers are said'

Our Prophet SAW, said about those who miss prayer
fifteen punishments they'll have to bear
six in this life, three on passing away
there in the grave and three on judgements day

for missing Fajr at the start of the day
the glow of the face is taken away
the punishment for missing the shalat of Zohar
there will be no blessing from your income no more

for missing Asr, the middle prayer of the day
the strength of the body is taken away
by missing Maghrib, remember one thing
you will not be benefited by offspring

for missing Ishaa at the end of the day
the peace of your sleep will be taken away
while seeing elders pray at the mosque door
remember as young person, your reward is 70 times more

read Shalat punctually, read it with care
on judgement day, we will be asked about prayer
that's the first question, so take this advice
Shalat is the key to paradise
spread thos word to muslim sisters and brothers
Shalat will separate Muslim from others.

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